Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What are You Wearing?

This is Faith... her self-imposed uniform. A dark blue shirt and a pair of blue jean capris. She has to suck in her tummy to snap the capris but, "They're perfect, Mama! I love them."

If the uniform is clean, it's on her body. Unfortunately, I'm the kind of mama who does laundry daily, so, yes, she can wear it every day. Unless she sleeps in it. I love the nights she goes to bed in this getup because I get to see her in something different in the morning. Maybe even something purple. She looks beautiful in purple. She is one of my most creative children. Perhaps this is because she doesn't waste an ounce of mental energy deciding what to wear.

I have two more children who dress predictably. We read a science book a few years ago that showed how dark colors absorb heat and light colors reflect it. Hot-blooded Lauren took this to heart. She dresses in khaki shorts and a white t-shirt.

"How 'bout if you wear your black shirt with those shorts? Black looks so good with your hair. Or the coral one? It highlights your skin tones."

"I'll be hot! Dark colors make me hot!" End of discussion.

John goes for comfort. I bought him a soft pair of blue and white plaid flannel pants at the local thrift store last fall. He put them on in October and he's still wearing them. We have this conversation every time we are getting ready to leave the house:

"Hey Bud, you need to get changed. We're leaving in a few minutes.

"Why? I like these pants."

'I know hon, but they look like pajamas. You can't leave the house wearing pajamas." And he goes grumbling off to dig through his drawers to find something acceptable... and comfy. It usually takes him a few tries.

So the other day, I was at the far end of the house in the clothes room. I sorted the uniforms into their drawers. Look at these clothes. Why do they just wear the same things day after day? They don't wear most of what's in here. Don't they realize how good they would look in these things?

That thought was followed by this one. Look at what you wear. Day after day, you put on the same old stuff...pride, impatience, worry... You have other stuff in your closet you know. Peace, humility, gentleness. You should pull those out more often. They're a perfect fit and you're stunning in them.

Tomorrow when the kids all suit up in the uniforms, I'll check to see what I'm wearing.


Faith said...

Mmm. Good stuff, Sister!
And I love the look on Faith's face. :)

Janelle said...

WOW! That was an amazing story. I really didn't see that coming...

Thanks for the reminder that we can daily clothe ourselves in humility.

Beautifully written.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

It is amazing how they really do get hooked on an outfit.

Great analogy. It is so true. We teach them that what they were in the inside is more important and it is a good lesson for us as well.

Thank you! I think that shall be the prayer of my heart today - for God to make me aware of what I have clothed myself in.

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I was sitting here thinking about how much money you can save on clothes (I should be so fortunate!), then WHAM! You broadsided me on that one. I needed it, though, so much!

Thanks, Kate, for always being real.

Christin said...

I second all the comments on the analogy. You have a way with words. Truly a gift to receive such insights AND to be able to put it into words.

...but at least you can be thankful that your kids aren't high maintenance!! No need for large wardrobes for your crew, eh? $$$ That's a good thing! $$$

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I needed that reminder that what I put on (attitude wise) impacts what my girls put on.

Thanks for this challenge!

Meg said...

Yep...put on uniform of all. Good to be reminded of that! Meg

Kathy at Sumballo said...

Great application. "They're a perfect fit and you're stunning in them." How often we look on the outside (like clothes) when God looks on the heart. Thanks for sharing!

The Small Scribbler said...

Sorry Girls,

I didn't mean for that to be a zinger. I knew where I was going from the beginning and didn't realize that I would catch you all by surprise.

I would pop over to your blog for a vist and tell you that it's nice to meet you but as there is not a link...I'm so glad you stumbled upon my corner of Blogland and I enjoy your company.


Christin said...

really? bummer. It USED to have a link. ahh, the world of blog-dom. so great. so confusing.

my link is:

I'll try and fix it...thanks for letting me know.

lori said...

hysterical and poignant at the same!! I have one just like it, and HE loves to sleep in the "uniform" too! As you, I wash daily...freeing it up for him:) HA!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reminder of what I put on...that will be the first thing I think of when I get dressed tomorrow! Beautiful!
peace...put it on!

Alana said...

Wow, that is one great illustration. Thanks for sharing your heart with us on that.