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Human Checkers

Faith organized this game. She made the crowns and drew the checker board with huge pieces of chalk. Stuart and I marveled at her creativity and took pictures and joined her for a game. A mind-numbingly boring event. Not much action comes with being a checker game piece. Even after one has "been kinged."

Art Lessons

To all who asked, my kids do take art lessons. I always feel like I am walking into the Renaissance when I go to pick them up because the room is full of painters, each working on a different piece. All the artists are generous in offering suggestions. This really pushes each person to keep improving their work. I think my kids learn as much from studying the progress going on around them as they do from working on their own paintings. It's a wonderful approach to art.


John and Lauren have been busy in the painting studio this spring. Here are their latest works.
The Frog by John
The Other Frog by Lauren
Finally Finished by Lauren

Creativity Abounds

Faith sculpted this little lady...

...and John staged the holdup.
Barbie goes green.
Fairy costumes by Lauren, Faith and Claire.
Update: Today for a school assignment,Claire supplied directions on how to make your own Barbie fairy clothes. "First you have to get chives. If you don't have chives you can use grass. Get seven leaves, two big leaves and five little leaves. Get a couple of flowers if you want. You have to get the tape and the scissors and a Barbie. Then you tape the little leaves around Barbie for a skirt, a shirt and sleeves. Tape the two big leaves on Barbie's back for wings. You tie the flowers to the chives and you tie the chives around Barbie's head to make a crown. Don't forget, Barbie needs a fairy house made from leaves and chives and twigs."