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Busy, Busy, Busy

Here. Take a look at my Daytimer. Flip back to 2003-2004. See the activities listed? We were new in town so there's not much to show you... K-1 choir director with a short hiatus to birth a baby...our fifth. Oh, that's right...I almost forgot the Purpose Driven Life Bible study. And then there was VBS in July. Yeah, the baby was under the weather but we did just fine.

Now look. Here are the pages for 2004-2005. A busy year...Choir director, adult and children's Sunday school teachers, substitute children's church leader, marriage discipleship leaders and yes, VBS again. A fun year. We made a bunch of friends as we served alongside them. No. I don't really remember fitting in much prayer time and Bible study that year.

Let's hurry on to 2005-2006. I'll talk fast. There's much ground to cover and I don't want to waste your time... ChoirDirectorSundaySchoolTeachersDeacon. Squeeze in a job loss and a search for new employment. ChurchCampCounselor. "Bye honey. We'll join you when the house sells." VBSDanielBibleStudyPrayerTeamSubstituteChildren'sChurchLeaderWomensMinistry. Whew! Pack the moving van; we're on our way.

November 2006. We arrived in Smallville with our sleeves rolled up. Ready to make a difference. But no one needed our services. Sunday school classes had teachers. Retired couples (the majority here) don't need marriage discipleship. VBS teachers? No thanks. We've got it covered. Prayer ministry? We don't do that here.

I'll take that planner from you. I don't have anything to show you for 2007.

It's been quiet this year. No activities. Just me and God. We walk together around the neighborhood and talk while we go. Turns out one and One equals a prayer ministry. We visit over his Word and a cup of coffee while the kids play in the backyard. He sends me work. Small jobs like tending to the hearts of the Grandkids Three, praying with the widow across the street, and grieving with a grandmother whose grandbaby just died. I've learned how to be a better friend to my neighbors because I've learned to be better friend to my God.

Yesterday, a pastor stopped by and wanted to know, "What are your gifts? Where could we put you and your husband to work? We really need someone to head up the children's department."

You know what? I didn't jump at the chance.

(To see what others have to say about this quote visit Loni at Finding Joy in the Morning. Take some time and look around her blog. She has quite a story to tell.)


Denise said…
I enjoyed your post, bless you.
Hummie said…
Oh, I have grown in a similar way...I used to do everything and now I just enjoy not. It should give me more time with God, but sadly it sometimes seems to be filled with "other" things.
Boy, did I need to hear that today. You have no idea!

Your planner looks much like mine has over the past years. And I have just worn myself out. I'm trying to be very intentional about NOT doing that this year!

You and I have a lot in common, and I'm sure we'd be fast friends if we were in the same Smallville!
Right there with you!

love you!
ellen b said…
Beautiful. I love the part where you say you've learned to be a better friend to your neighbors because your a better friend to your God! Amen.
Lana G! said…
Oh wonderfully stated:

Turns out one and One equals a prayer ministry. We visit over his Word and a cup of coffee

I so enjoyed your journey from frenetic to resting. Whatever he has planned for 2007/2008, you have been prepping in a beautiful way. Thank you for your thoughts!!
Meg said…
Kate, I enjoyed your post and perspective on His use of our apparent "down" time...always more of Him to know, isn't there? Thanks. Love, Meg
Angie said…
I think we've been on the same train. I didn't read any blogs until this morning...I dug through mine last night....yep, definitely been on the same train....
When I started reading yours, I realized I left some "jobs" off of mine! And the 6 precious grands absolutely keep us bogged down with love! I guess that is where I am ministering these days....but so glad to.
Thanks for blessing me with your words!
lori said…
ha, often wonder if i should have been named Martha! I just blogged about how the refining process is not a fast or easy one! :) I understand, if we don't "hear" HIM, he finds ways to get our attention...and quietly "refine" us.
You spoke my heart today, glad I stopped by.
Faith said…
Mmm, good stuff! Thank you, Siesta!
Mary@notbefore7 said…
Beautiful reminder to SLOW DOWN! Thank you. Glad I came by.
Wonderful post! I always enjoy your blog.

In his endless love,

Angel ():)
Bonnie W said…
Wow! We cold be twins... My daytimer used to look like yours in 2005 until I learned I couldn't do it all, no matter how good my intentions.

Now I pray about what I will do in church and do just that one thing (Maybe 2 depending on what it is.) That's pretty good for me being a pastor's wife...

So glad to see you here in the Living room, friend.
Hopeful Spirit said…
Good for you! There is much to be said for saying "no."

I am featuring your post in SSSS this Sunday! :-)
Amy said…
Hi Kate,
Once again God has used you to confirm for me what He's been talking to me about...decluttering my calendar and my LIFE. I must confess I'm struggling with this A LOT. Mostly because I feel that much of the clutter on my calendar relates to "good things" the kids are doing...i.e., band, AWANA, dance, basketball, CSTHEA game night, Friday co-op, etc. You get the picture....It's doubly hard because some of those "good things" I attach to our schooling...but God has revealed even in that my motives aren't so pure...imagine that;)...I want my kids to be "normal kids" I REALLY??? I want my kids to "excel" in school...Why? Would that possibly be PRIDE? What do I have to PROVE as far as hs is concerned? NOTHING is God's answer...He's interested in my obedience after all. Thanks for helping to clarify it all for me! WOW, I sure would love to have some coffee and biscotti with you and talk about this some more!!

Love you!
Yes, Amy, my sweet friend, coffee and biscotti would be lovely.

Alana said…
I am so with you on this one.

When we moved to the town we live in now I was a new Mom (my oldest was 4 weeks old) and that first year was lonely. After about a year I started to get more invovled and for the last couple of years things have snowballed on me and I was having a hard time saying that dirty word "NO".

And then I read a book by Lynn Hybels called "Nice Girls Don't Change the World".

I've been scaling back and I'm looking forward to a year of spending more time with my Savior and ministering to the needs around me, because hopefully I'll have time to do that!

Great post!

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