Friday, July 13, 2007

The Curse of the Threes

The number of fire ant bites on my right hand?
The number of daylilies I had dug up prior to digging into the one where the fire ants had hidden their nest?
The number of fleas we've taken off the dog this afternoon?
The number of flea baths this dog has had in the last two weeks?
The number of times Charlie has wet the floor today?
The number of hours until Stuart finds out that I backed the Suburban into a large pole?
The number of days that Stuart has been in Canada?
The number of minutes we have talked on the phone?
The number of rags used to clean up a container of spilled soup?
The number of children who claimed they knew nothing about the soup?
The number of times Grandkid Three was in timeout?
The number of hours the Grandkids Three were here today?

Yes. The answer to all of these is THREE. (Except for the soup. Five kids claimed no knowledge of the spilled soup.)

(See the comments below for Stephanie's list of threes. Her list is much more significant than mine.)


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh Kate. What a few days you've had!

Here are some other things about the number 3.

The number of the Trinity.
FATHER who has thought out an awesome plan for your life. Even now.
SON who loves you so much and lives to carry your requests to the Father!
HOLY SPIRIT who lives in you! Who is ministering to you right now. Do you hear him?

There were 3 men, Shadrach Meschach & Abendego, that went into the fiery furnace but God didn't leave them there alone did He?

There were 3 men that Jesus took to the mountain with Him. I believe he took these 3 because they were most ready or eager to learn more or see more. That reminds me of you Kate, you are eager to learn more about our Jesus. I believe that He has picked you to go to the mountain with Him.

It was on the 3rd day that our Jesus came out of that grave!

Love you and thank God for your friendship.

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

You always crack me up! Praying the curse will be broken! :)
I cannot believe you still have the grankids 3 around! That would wear me out! You are a great example of the love of Christ! You always encourage me to be a better mom!
Love you!