Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Live Now

She came gently, in no time at all, because she knew what she was doing. She always does. And as she was changing worlds, from water to air, she let out a scream as if to say, "What on earth took you so long, lady?"

We leaned back, all of us did, to put some distance between us and the shriek. "Goodness, that child has a set of lungs on her! I don't know that I've heard such a noise from a newborn."

She still bellows, my Claire, and she's always in a hurry. Yesterday she said, "Has it been two hours yet?"

"Why?" "What are you waiting for?"

"In two hours, it's media time."

And five minutes later she said, "Hey Mom! How many more minutes?"

"How many more minutes until when?"

"Mom! I really want to watch my movie!"

"Why don't you ask me how many more minutes 'til Now. If you ask me how many more minutes 'til Now you won't have to wait at all. Now is... now. If you look for Later you miss the Now"

"Mom! How many more minutes? How many more 'til it's time?"

And so it is...with Claire...and me.


bubandpie said...

They really are naiads, those babies, aren't they?

Laurie said...

Just found your blog via a friend. She led me to your unschooling comment last week and I immediately feel right at home here as I'm a Christian unschooler with 4 kids. I look forward to reading more! :)

Faith said...

Love it. :) Claire sounds a lot like me ...