Thursday, January 1, 2009

An Unlikely Excuse

"Please, John. Grab me a package of ground beef from the freezer." He's mailing laundry and the freezer is only a few steps away from the clothes room. He comes back empty handed. "Did you forget?"

"Did I forget what?"

"The meat. You forgot the meat."

"Oh." A few minutes later the meat appears on the kitchen counter.

And then, "Where was I going?" John is holding an armload of dolls and looking bewildered.

"Might you have been going to put those in the girls room?"

"Oh. Right."

He's back in a bit with an explanation. "The problem is, Mom, that I keep passing through the Fogs of Forgetfulness. They seem to be thickest in the hallway."

I chuckle with him. He will have to do battle with the Fogs of Forgetfulness for his entire life but humor is a powerful coping mechanism. One that I hope holds my absent-minded boy in good stead as he sets out to make his mark on the world.


Luke said...

Humor is very important for life. [smile] May that continue to bring joy our of frustration.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Humor will ease the skids in so many situations. I have to ask...why was he mailing the laundry??


Sarah said...

Great post Kate. The "Fogs of Forgetfulness" are much more picturesque than losing your marbles or your patience! I love your new pictures on the top.


Chris R. in Hixson said...

I can sooo relate to that... Christian has it also. And you hit it right on the head!! That describes him to a tee! Between the "Fogs of Forgetfulness" and what I call the "Brickwalls of Bullheadness," it definitely makes life interesting!