Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Six: Regrouping

Day Five: Speaker Phone Prayers

"Mmm. You look nice," Stuart said into my neck this evening.

" A little sleep, some makeup, and a change of clothes will do that for a girl."

Stuart stayed at the hospital with Charlie last night and I came home to get some rest and spend some time with the other kids today. I should have gone right to bed but instead, I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning updating the blog. Then I climbed in my big comfy bed with my big comfy comforter (ahhh!) and watched the end of Return to Me.

Woke up at quarter of eleven, visited with our next-door neighbor, made lemon-raspberry muffins, did a little laundry, trimmed my hair and gave my son, Absalom, a full fledged haircut. Comforted Claire. This separation has been the hardest on her. The kids snacked this morning and we finally sat down to eat breakfast at three this afternoon! This confused the kids. They didn't know whether to do their after-breakfast chores or after-lunch chores. I put an end to the rollicking argument and then showered and after that we went grocery shopping. We were down to a half a roll of toilet paper!

Dropped doughnuts off at church for tomorrow (Hope they don't mind that they won't be Krispy Kreme fresh) and arrived at the hospital in the early evening hours. Brought Charlie some applesauce and cheese sticks and new socks and stumpy Star Wars figures. He said, "Tomorrow I want crackers with Cheez-Whiz." He's been really been into the idea of Cheez-Whiz ever since he saw an picture of it on the back of a cracker box. He thinks Cheez-Whiz on a banana might be a good idea. Tomorrow I'll bring him some but I'm not letting him eat it on anything but crackers!

Stuart was red-eyed and unshaven. The fold-out sleeper chair is not so comfy as our bed and Charlie's needs preempted a shower and a shave. I bathed Charlie while Stuart attended to his own needs and the kids crammed together in the tiny room and watched Mulan.

Then it was time to go. Charlie wanted me to stay. "You take more better care of me!" Ha! Stuart came equipped with the Game Cube and his laptop. He and Charlie played Lego Star Wars. He hooked his computer up to the television and managed to play lullabies through the speakers of Charlie's bed. All he got when I was there was Mama singing Aiken Drum in a very sleepy voice.

Tomorrow, the changing of the guard takes place in the afternoon and it will be my turn to go back to bed head and a big flannel shirt and wool socks. Hope Stuart remembers that I looked nice today when he shows up after work on Monday.

Day Eight: High Five


ValleyGirl said...

Glad to hear the mood is lightening! Careful, you might start liking "bed head and a big flannel shirt!" That describes me on almost any given day!! ;)

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

The more I get to know you, the more I think we would be fast friends in real life. Return to Me and Krispy Kreme doughnuts are on my top 10 list, as well as my low tech approach to parenting! Treovr's the go to guy when the game/computer/electronic item has a bug, and I'm the one called for when there is a scratchy throat/song to be sung/book to be read.

Sounds like Charlie is feeling better. Have they said when they will be able to discharge him?


Sarah said...

Hi Kate,
I'm glad Charlie is feeling better. I told him to start pushing for some ice cream to supplement the popsicles! We are keeping you guys in our prayers.