Saturday, December 13, 2008

Silent Night

Sit with me, here in the dark, in the peaceful dark of my living room. Sink down into the sofa beside the fireplace.

Here. A blanket to throw over your lap and tuck under your feet.

Let the chaos and the busy-ness of the early evening hours fade.

Feel the the warmth of the cocoa mug in your hands. Sip slowly. Savor this moment.

Be still.


Sarah said...

Hey Kate, Your tree is beautiful! I love all the ornaments you made, especially the snowflakes. But I don't have a cup of hot chocolate on me, so the lemon tea will have to do.

Madre, Now I know why you enjoyed sitting in the dark with the tree lights on at night. It's so peaceful after the kids are in bed. I stay up way too late.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Although I really wish I could have been there to share that in person, seeing the pictures and imagining was the next best thing.

Did you quill the snowflake ornaments? They are beautiful. I've never done any quilling myself, but have always wanted to try it.


ValleyGirl said...

Oh, I loved this "moment" with you! One of my favourite things this time of year is having my early morning devotions by the light of the Christmas tree. It just somehow feels more quiet, more holy.... I think you probably understand!

Will you be posting a snowflake-making tutorial?! I hope so! Those are stunning!

ocean mommy said...

The tree is just beautiful!

And I am totally relaxed by this post. :)

Tell everyone I said Hi!


Mama JJ said...


Did you make those snowflakes? Can you teach me how when you come?


The Small Scribbler said...


Yes. I'll bring my quilling supplies.

I will write a quilling post sometime this week.


Joy said...

Wish I could come relax by such a beautiful tree.

40winkzzz said...

Oh, popcorn strands! We just did those for the first time this year. Fuzz saw some somewhere and begged & begged, and I'm so glad I let her do it-- she did a great job. I told her maybe we should wait til we had cranberries to string with it, but she wisely wanted to "just do it now". (She knows me well enough to know that if we wait on something it may never happen.)

Faith said...

Ahhhhh .... :) Thanks.
Going to go make some hot chocolate now. ;)