Sunday, December 14, 2008

Goon Shoes

One dollar! Who will buy us for just one dollar? Down here! One shelf below Timmy the Tooth on VHS. Down. Behind the green press-on nails. Yes! Us! The Goon Shoes!

We'll fit all of your children with these handy straps! We're bouncy! We're fun!

No! No, lady! Don't make your boy put us back. We're not junk! You don't know! You, you middle-aged woman with big feet! Please! Pleeease take us home! Don't leave us here under these big bikini bottoms!

Put down that sweater! Put it down and look at your son sproinging down the aisle of Second Hand Sams in our green and purple majesty. We're made for each other!

Yes? You said yes?! Oh, you won't regret this! I promise!

Watch that first step out of the store, son. We've got bounce but no traction.

Don't fight! You can't all wear us at once. Two shoes. Two feet. That's how it goes. Set the timer. Wait your turn! Wait!

Yes, big brother, we do turn vacuuming into a circus performance. Yes, youngest sister, it is fun to make the springing trip down the hallway. You're tipping! Grab the wall! Yes, little boy, you are taller than your big sister but your turn is up. Pass us on.

One dollar! A day full of giggles and springs and bounces all for one dollar!


ValleyGirl said...


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

LOL! Sounds like much fun was had by the kids today! Proof that fun does not have to cost an arm and a leg...


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

LOL! My brother is Nat'l Sales Mgr for the company that makes those, and he sent us three pairs. The fun of jumping quickly turned into the "fun" of pelting each other with the thick black rubber bands. :) Nothing around here gets used for it's original purpose!

I love those dollar finds! ;-) Love thrift stores!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

A day of fun for a buck! You can't beat it.

I have never seen this, but have a feeling that my kids would have a ball trying to work them as well!

Joy said...

That's awesome. Too funny!

Sarah said...

Great find! I could picture these on someone's feet at our house! Springy shoes are right up there with the Heelies from 25 cent store. Although I bet they're a bit softer on the toes!


40winkzzz said...

Too fun! But unfortunately, I can relate to the commenter who mentioned that they'd eventually be used more for sibling abuse than for individual fun.

Hey, your word verif is calling me "hothon". I think that's harrassment.

Faith said...