Thursday, August 28, 2008

No! No! Not Biology!

Seventeen questions. Seventeen physical science review questions are the only thing preventing us from cracking open the box that holds John and Lauren's biology supplies. They aren’t happy about the transition. To be honest, they’re a bit green around the gills because the box contains creatures to be dissected. Four creatures to be exact. Four hundred and fifty smackers got us our very own nausea inducing creatures, a biology textbook and a microscope that thinks it’s a Cadillac.

The incentive of playing with the Cadillac is not the motivator that I expected it would be. Instead, John and Lauren dawdle their way through the last seventeen questions with much hemming and hawing. They keep referring back to the parallax theory and the apparent magnitude theory, just to be sure.

Faith wants them to hurry up and get on with it because she is not squeamish. “What does dissect mean, Mom?”

“The kids are going to get to cut open a frog and some other stuff to see how they are made.”

“Coooool! Can I help?” Her big, brown eyes lit up. She has a collection of dead bugs and a little dried up frog lining the windowsill out back. The frog is squished flat. This allows for a great view of his perfectly formed miniature spine. Faith is quite enamored with that spine.

So, the big box of biology is not actually here yet. It’s still on it’s way via the Fedex truck and we are expecting it any minute. I’m a bit suspicious though. Yesterday, I took the three little ones with me so I could get my haircut. I think that maybe the box might have arrived during my half hour foray into Smallville and I think that John and Lauren might have hidden it. I should have left Faith home.


Luke said...

"I should have left Faith home." Hilarious!


Christy said...

I loved dissecting when I was in high school! It'll be interesting to see how my kids turn out!

BTW, your kitchen problems are contagious! My crock-pot died in the middle of cooking and killed a 2-pound roast, and my dishwasher is giving me fits!

Christine said...

I think all of mine will be excited come dissection time...I always was...I'm just not your typical girly girl.


Etta said...

I'm with them. Give me physical science any day.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh girl this is too funny! I am with John and Lauren. I am dreading those times too! :) You will have a blast with them though. Homeschooling has turned out to be a HUGE blessing.
Much love,

Heather C said...

ROFL... good luck with biology! :)


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

That's funny! Are you using Apologia? Whose kit is it? My oldest is doing Phys. Sci this year and we'll be hunting for good Bio. stuff next year.
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my schedule. Yes, we abandoned MOTH for a few years, but it's time we had some structure - we really drifted last year. We're not going to be religious about it, but it keeps me from having to answer the question, "Mom, what do I need to do now?" a hundred times a day! ;-)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL...Faith would have gotten right on into that box...LOL!

Have fun with dissecting!

40winkzzz said...

I'll be glad if we can just do science consistently this year! (And dissection will *not* be on the agenda.)

Anonymous said...

Have you found or recieved the box of biology yet. I love reading your blog!