Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crabby Road

I get overwhelmed occasionally by how isolated it is here in Smallville. It's a six hour round trip to a decent playground, the science museum or the zoo. Yesterday was one of those days. I clicked my heels together and wished us anywhere but here.

Apparently my sneakers are not magical.

So I did the next best thing because sanity was hanging by a very thin thread. We shoed up and went for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood to look for things to view under our new microscope.
Crabby Road
Faith is singing. Faith is always singing.

Claire holding Charlie's hand and a specimen bag.
She's collected a little more specimen than her bag will accomodate.


Jennifer Sr. said...

I love the Crabby Road! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog.

Your profile pic is just gorgeous, btw.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh ironic that we are on each others blogs at the same time. Your appreciation of the playground and this post gives me a whole new appreciation for it.

Love the amount of specimen's Claire will have to look at!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Looks like you guys had fun after all. Good luck making all of the slides! It's really neat taking a Q-tip and collecting pollen from different plants to view. We were surprised at what we saw.


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That looks like fun. Oh Smallville.

I love Charlie's shirt!
Much love,

Preachers said...

As much as I love small town, I can totally relate with missing the convenience of city living. I loved the days when we were only 5 minutes from a Target. Let's also not forget the wonder that is pizza delivery. Definitely a thing of the past. :))

Me said...

I so enjoy reading your posts- you and your kids are such amazing people!