Monday, August 11, 2008


Drat-tic-us-interj [LL drat Used primarily by Charlie. Invented by Claire as she reminds us every time Charlie says it.] (2008) 1: darn 2: shoot 3: Curses, foiled again! Example:
“No, Charlie, you don’t have enough money to buy a robot.”
“Oh, dratticus.”
“No, Charlie, you can’t have a cheesestick. It’s almost dinner time.
“Oh, dratticus.”
Sounds best delivered with a pouty lip and a little stamp of the foot. Used for expressing minor disappointment. For major setbacks see: FLING, ROLL as in fling yourself to the floor and roll about vigorously. Planting a kick on your mother is a bonus. As in you get bonus time out minutes. DRATTICUS is never used in these instances.

ito-suffix [SJJ discovered by Charlie in Skippy John Jones: A lengthy picture book. It’s funny but only once if you’re over ten. There’s no limit to funny if you are younger.] (2008) 1: Add to any English word to create an authentic Spanish word 2: Used most frequently when Charlie is in a cheerful or hopeful mood. Example: “Faith, Let’s play Polly Pockitos.” Or “Can I have a cheese stickito?” Can be followed quickly with DRATTICUS.


Sarah Markley said...

So funny! I am laughing out loud!


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

-ito might come in handy living here in Texas!


Joy said...