Thursday, July 17, 2008


Charlie woke up the other day with an upset stomach and as he stumbled pale-faced and gagging into the playroom, four little mothers sprang into action. John helped him to the bathroom, Lauren brought him a cool wash cloth and Claire grabbed a bowl in case of further emergencies.

Somehow Faith knew the best thing to bring comfort to a sick boy. She laid a pillow in a laundry basket and covered it with a towel. Charlie curled right up and spent a very comfortable morning laying in his nest on the living room floor surrounded by doting siblings who periodically dropped what they were doing to bring him an ice cube to suck on.

They were not at all deterred by this little sign that Faith attached to the end of the basket.

Six hours later Charlie was much better and begging for pancakes and cheesesticks and the laundry basket bed was dismantled for more mundane tasks.


Christy said...

Oh my goodness, that is too cute! right now all I get is, "Mommy, who is more sick, me or Luke?"

ocean mommy said...

That is so sweet!

There is a little something for you over at my blog...


BethAnne said...

One of these days you will look back at that picture and wish for that day back........sigh

Congratulations on your award from Stephanie (thats how I found you)!

Still Learning said...

That sign is hysterical!!!! I love it.
Congrats on the award from Notes From The Soul. Found you from there.

ValleyGirl said...

Awwww, your kids are just too cute! I love it when my girls look out for each other, too. Just this afternoon, I came inside from lawn mowing (mine are too young to do that for me yet!) and they were deep in discussion upstairs. When they came down, Peanut (my 6-yr old) said together she and her 4-yr old sister had decided something ~ she was going to teach her little sister to do good things for other people.

I felt like asking her if she'd teach me, too!

Lauren said...

That is just the cutest!

Joy said...

The laundry basket idea was awesome - I would of never thought about that.

I love that about my kids too. They love to do things for the littlest one. It's so precious!

Janelle said...

Four little mothers. That's good stuff.

I am glad his tummy is feeling good enough for the pancake-cheesestick combo.