Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer School

...is a big motivator to get a lot of this...

...done during the summer months.

Lauren is hot on John's heels in Algebra I. This keeps John working frantically in Algebra II to stay ahead of her. They both use Teaching Textbooks.

Charlie is really reading! He's catching on quickly. This is a relief the fifth time through. Here he is on lesson 40 in Reading Made Easy. The toy knife in his hand is for when those unexpected bad guys spring from the pages. You know like, "Run Dick! Run! See Spot. See Spot bite Sally. Stop, Spot! Stop!"

Killing two birds with one stone. Faith and Claire read together. Faith is more fluent but Claire can keep up and Faith corrects her when she reads chore for choir. Here they are on chapter 14 in The Year of Miss Agnes. One lesson I can cross off my teaching list.

After a few hours of math and reading and science, it's time for a rousing game of Underwater What Am I. Can you guess?
Answer: The bodies from the Dead Marshes in the Lord of the Rings. It appears Charlie couldn't stay dead for very long.


ocean mommy said...

I'm using that same little trick! :) AND IT WORKS!!!!

Now, I've got to come up with something just as "fun" for the winter. :)

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Too cute!
I just love your family.
Much love,
BTW-we have done not much of anything this summer!!! We need to get to it.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I love all of the LOTR references...I recently asked my brother if he had heard the news that our cousin was moving to New Zealand. His text back was, "One ring to rule them all"....


Mama JJ said...


Your children are beautiful! You are so fortunate to have a pool---something Mr. H dreams of having. We signed our kids up for swimteam, and it's a 15 minute drive away and it's been stormy and cool so they haven't gone much. They are still just beginners.

Do your kids revolt against doing "school" in the summer?

The Small Scribbler said...

Mama JJ,

They don't mind doing school. It's just what we do and as long as they have something to look forward to we get all kinds of work done...school and chores both.

Have fun with the swimming.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love that first shot of your son flying through the air!

Thanks for the schooling links :)