Friday, July 4, 2008

Fairy Salad

Because the fairies still drop by.
Claire and Faith had to write a how-to assignment for school today. Here is Faith's:
How to Make a Fairy Snack
First you need to get tiny dishes. Make a tiny snack to go on the tiny plate. Here are some ideas:
1 blackberry
1 slice of apple, diced
1 cherry (leave the stem on so the fairies can carry it home.)
1 or 2 chocolate chips (1 chip for a small fairy family, 2 for a larger family)
A half of a cookie (You get to eat the other half)
You could make a tiny peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Fairy Drinks
hot chocolate
chocolate milk
plain milk
Leave the snacks on a window sill. Make sure the room is neat or the fairies won't come. You can leave a little note if you want to. The fairies will be pleased and they will write back to you about how good the snack was. You will know that the fairies came by the note and the fairy dust that they leave behind.


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Happy 4th!
Much love,

ocean mommy said...

So sweet.

We have the same tea set somewhere upstairs!

Lauren said...

We have it too! LOL

So cute...