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So Long Summer

Two swim noodles will support one mama quite easily.

They will also support five children...

...but not for long.

This was my last day in the pool as the temperature of the water has dipped below 95°. That's just too cold for me. But, it will still be awhile before we have to trade flip flops and shorts for long pants and tennis shoes. I love the South!


Villager said…
Great WW photos!

My WW post this week focuses on 9/11 anniversary.

peace, Villager
ABW said…
Great memories! We try to document simple things like this to remind us of my husband when he is deployed.
tegdirb92 said…
but summer will be here again really soon :) Happy WW.
Raquel said…
I feel like I want to get wet too. Looks like they had fun.

Mine is up at Photographic Memories.
ZAM said…
Looks like a lovely day at the pool.
Janelle said…
What a fun mom to actually have your hair wet! Good for you enjoying this last day of summer fun.

Bring on the pumpkin patch and the crunchy leaves.
Very cute!

Much love,
lori said…
love a 95 degree pool girl, the days are numbered...enjoy it,they tell me fall is coming:)
ValleyGirl said…
Wow, it's been unseasonably cool here, so I was actually scrambling around for some MITTENS for my daughter to wear to school today!!! Normally, it wouldn't be this cold yet for another month or two, so I'm really hoping for some nice warm weeks yet. I SO live in the wrong part of the world!!!!
Valley Girl,

Mittens in September! How frightening. Remind me only to visit Canada in July and even then, I'm wearing long pants and a sweater!

A woman after my own heart; it must be warm water! Great photos!

Looks great to me!

Isn't it funny that the kids don't realize the water temp.!!

I do have to say that I'm ready for fall temps'and sweaters and all the colors of fall!

FRIGGA said…
That looks like fun! You're so clever, I'd have never thought to use 2 noodles instead of a raft, but hey it works!

Happy WW - mines up at
Videogal said…
Looks like a lot of fun. Rachel will go into a pool when the outside temperature is in the 60s. Crazy. Also, when I run her bathwater she doesn't like it hot at all. I barely even turn on the hot water. She likes it lukewarm, if even that warm. I'm not quite sure what pool water temperature I like, but I like it refreshing, yet not too hot I guess. I am looking forward to the cool fall temperatures. My favorite season!
Christin said…
Look at you looking all adorable!!

I, for one, am sooo glad that Fall is around the corner. I LOOOOVE that season. (well, okay I love every season. I just like The change) When we lived in Texas, it seemed to go straight from Summer to a pseudo Winter of sorts. Right back to Summer. So if your area is anything like TX, it'll be a long while before shorts are packed away, huh?

Cute family! Priceless pictures.
Xandra said…
LOL! Love the's nice to see a few of you too!
These pics brought a huge smile to my face. :) Thanks for the SPLASH of summer!

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