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I'd Rather Blog

Last week Janelle wrote a responsible post about blogging and Alana posted a humorous response. I give you the photo essay about how things tend to slide...

...when one blogs.

Plants begin to escape their borders.

Doors lean next to the closet they belong to two months after they have been painted.

Stuart needs the Army Corps of Engineers to help extract his motorcycle from the garage.

And this sympathy card has been sitting on the shelf in my kitchen for months. Sometimes when I dust around it, I feel guilty but apparently not guilty enough to either mail it or put it in a drawer.

After I put all of these pictures up, I felt like I needed to tackle one of these projects so I turned on the flood lights and went out into the night to tackle the garden. I dug up shoots of crepe myrtle and gave the lantana a giant haircut. When the need to accomplish something passed, I dumped everything in a pile and went back into the house. So I guess I really can't cross that gardening thing off my to-do list quite yet.


ValleyGirl said…
Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who'd rather blog than fix stuff, clean house, or work in the garden! It can get to be a bit of a nasty habit though, that's for sure. I really enjoyed both the posts you mentioned.
Jennifer said…
Oh, hilarious!
I've been working on a bloggy change today and lets not talk about what did NOT get done. And now I'm not even sure I like what I chose to do. So, frustration upon frustrations! Ah, well, as John Adams said, "It's a merry world, notwithstanding."
You know what else doesn't happen? SLEEP! I leave everything to the last minute, then wonder why I'm so sleepy in the mornings!
My kids are going to have memories of me sitting at the computer. I just know it. Drats.
Alana said…
LOVE the photo journal

I bet you're glad I didn't photo journal my dead plant and fish.
Cheryl said…
You've been to my house! How did you know?!!! :) My new drapery rod is still in the box, but it IS leaning against the wall CLOSE to its new home.....
Ha ha! Pretty funny.
Much love,
:) That makes me smile!! Somehow I feel as if there is safety in numbers!

Your home looks lovely! And amazingly clean...are you SURE you have 5 kids?! ;-)

Blogging or not, gardening is NOT my favorite thing to do!
Janelle said…
You are one brave woman to show photographic evidence of your procrastination. I am afraid that if I took a picture of all my projects, I might break my camera. Then I would put off buying a new one.

Too funny, girl! Here's to finding balance in the cyber world.

Yeah, the dead fish would not have been pleasant.


Our house does photograph well in the living room...from that angle.

Heather C said…
Too funny! And I can relate... too much. LOL. My closets are desperately in need of cleaning, my checkbooks need to be balanced (I think I have three months of statements unopened!), and I still have to prepare for my Sunday School class this week. Craft? What craft? Aaaaaaaaack!

Thanks for tellin' it like it is... now I'm gonna have to go be productive! Sheesh! LOL

Great photo journal!
Susan said…
I was reading Living With Teenagers last night and the percentage of time they are online and what they do online. Except for the online gaming (I mean, I have to have some restraint SOMEWHERE), the article was describing me. Right down to text messaging instead of calling. We DO have unlimited text messaging, after all! The Man just had satellite installed in the office AND our bedroom...I told him last night, while lying in bed flipping through 100's of channels, the laundry room will have to be moved into the hall closet (between the office where the computer is and our bedroom) if he wants any laundry to get done. Ever.
lori said…
the bright didn't really want Stuart RIDING that motorcycle did you??:)

It's balance, like everything else...
I have to pray about that...I do enjoy the creative outlet, but I have to remind myself that this is at the 'bottom' of the to do list!!:)

gotta run...things to do!HA!

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