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Now and Then

How Do You Envision Your Marriage in the Future? This is the question for Marriage Monday. I wanted this to be a long and eloquent post but my answer is so simple that a few sentences will have to do.

I walked into the office and found Stuart on the computer. “What are you doing?”

“I’m looking up the inflation rate.”

“What do you need to do that for? Just walk into any store! The price of everything is going up!” Snap.

“I just want to know!” Snap.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t need to jump all over you. That wasn’t very respectful of me.”

“It’s OK. I forgive you.”

This is what I want us to be doing tomorrow and thirty years from now, what we are doing today. I want us to be quick to see when we stray from the peaceful path. I want us to be quick to recognize when we use words and tone that do not convey respect. I want us to encourage one another and build each other up. I want us to be serving until we draw our last breath.

It starts today. If I want to be respectful and kind and to reach out my hands in service, it starts today. I can live this way if I remember that I am servant and not master. I can live this way if I know the Master and spend my days getting to know Him better. This is the relationship that I need to concentrate on. The one with Stuart will follow.


Faith said…
Good words, and very timely, as I had a "snap" moment myself on the way into church this morning. One of my former pastors used to encourage us to "live in a state of ready repentance," and that is definitely needed in marriage!
But you are so right that focusing on the Master will help things in the marriage to fall into place.
Janelle said…
Beautifully said. It seems so easy to snap at my husband. I try to justify it by saying that because I love him the most he will understand. Sometimes I am nicer to the total stranger than I am my husband.

Thanks for the attitude check.
As always, a thought-provoking post. I find that when I'm closer to the Lord, all my relationships (especially my marriage) are smoother.

Thanks for sharing!
Alana said…
I join Faith in the "I had a snap moment in the car on the way to church" moment.

My pastor actually addressed that this morning. How we have those moments and then carefully place our masks on before we enter the church doors. It is so ridiculous when you think about it. We can't hide from God. And are we really fooling anyone with our masks?

Sorry, I think I got a little of track there, but I appreciated this post. I appreciate your transparency in sharing it with us.
Anonymous said…
I just read your blog more closely and realized that I answered someone else's question! That's what happens at 2 am. I MUST go to bed!!
Sorry about that, but have fun reading, anyway! Don't worry about posting it, this will do for your blog, and I'll "fix" the other!
Oh, but as for YOUR answer...
RESPECT... yes, lets begin NOW. You know what John says? "Laughing at my jokes goes a long way." ha, ha! For some reason, I don't often STOP and give him the respectful attention he deserves. Even if it means laughing at jokes instead of giving the quick wry smile!
Christine said…
So simple, isn't it? But not always easy! I have heard that maturity is the distance between and offense and when you seek forgiveness.
Betty Jane said…
Beautifully stated. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
About Christine's comment...
what a beautiful definition! I'm reminded of another one that I once heard Elisabeth Elliott use:
"forgiveness is releasing someone from the debt we think they owe us." I've never forgotten that. What a blessing that is in a marriage, the freedom of release! May God give us grace to practice it daily.
lori said…
"I want us to be serving until we draw our last breath..." love that...
That is what a really "Godly" marriage is made of...serving each other until death separates us temporarily...
beautifully said!
Meg said…
Yes...the first relationship with Jesus makes the second with my husband even sweeter. Well said. Meg

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