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The K'Nex Rock Star

This is John. A boy who is lives outside the box. Return on Thursday to read his story.



tegdirb92 said…
what a wonderful and talented boy!! I love what he made!
Raquel said…
Very to see those colors.
Sandy Carlson said…
He definitely has the look!
Oldqueen44 said…
what fantastic engineering. He can be more than a rock star
He rocks! Have a great WW. :)
Mary@notbefore7 said…
Can't wait to hear his story! What a creative kid. Love this picture.
Suprina said…
Great shot!
Happy WW!
Cannot wait to hear the story!
CableGirl said…
he looks like a real independent spirit. more power to him.

Happy WW
Shana said…
Can't wait to read his story. Happy WW!!!
lori said…
that boy is "the bomb":):):)
how wonderfully creative!!
Alana said…
You've definitely piqued my interest!
Anonymous said…
I'll be back!
Oh John....

looks like a little Stomp N Praise is going on in that house!

Can't wait to read the story!

LOL, very creative! My kids love K'Nex too. Happy WW! :)
What a wonderful imagination.
Patois said…
What a great picture. He's got to be pretty free to let you take a photo of him looking like that.
Janelle said…
That is amazing! How long did that take him? He looks so proud.

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