Friday, May 22, 2009

More, Please?...Here You Go

So you want to know about the fairy house?  I noted your curiosity and dashed into the rain, camera in hand, to shoot another photo minus the cat.  See the sweet little walkway of tiny stones that the girls laid out?  The tiny lantern has a solar powered battery so it gives a wee glow when the sun goes down. 


Faith had her birthday all planned out, "Binoculars and an alarm clock, please."  We purchased and wrapped and were good to go when one morning I was flipping through the Plow and Hearth Catalog and spied these fairy accessories.  A bit of internal tug of war...  We already have her presents.  She doesn't really need this.  It's not like she can play with it... but  fifteen minutes later the goods were on their way to our front door.  Faith LOVES fairies.  She still plays the fairy game.  Now she has a door to deposit her minature delicacies at.  (No matter that we see the cat walking away licking her whiskers.)

We are on the hunt for tiny shade loving plants to line the walkway. I'm thinking ground cover that can be stepped on.  Any suggestions?  Wal-Mart has not offered up the perfect plant for this project; though today I found an ornamental grass on the way back to the car that had me running me into the store.  Isn't she a beauty? 


Accesorizing continues in the back yard.  I've got my eye on the Wizard door for a few of my fantasy lovers. 


Alana said...

LOVE the fairy house! Your kiddos are looking so grown up!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is so sweet! I love fairies too!
Much love,

Sara Carmichael said...

love the grass in your photo above..i think it's called cat tail grass, but not's sitting outside on either side of our swing chair in front...we had it put in when we redid our landscaping, although it was our landscaper's good foresight, not ours. he has a good eye.

as far as good ground cover, i LOVE alyssum. it grows quickly and spreads. it's very hearty. i think it grows anywhere. it's growing in our little garden out in our the desert, no less. it grows better than anything we have out there, and it's incredibly delicate looking. love it.