Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Screeming Mice

Stuart brought home an electronic mouse repeller that emits a high pitched noise. Apparently mice do not find this sound pleasant and will not take up residence anywhere near the device. Our cat is a mouse-hunting sissy and so we resort to mouse deterrents of the manmade kind.

Naturally, the children were curious and we explained how it worked. They let this bit of information sink into their brains and take root. At this very moment, four of them are rolling around with their hands over their ears in front of the little electronic speaker squealing in agony over this deadly painful sound that their human ears cannot hear.
However, their squealing is deadly painful to my ears. And it makes me wonder. Is this the kind of creativity that Mary Grace refers to when she worries about the future employability of our children?
(In case any of you are wondering if my spell checker is AWOL...The child who took these photos loaded them onto the computer under the heading Screeming Mice. This shows I have to add scholastic ability as well as work ethic to my worry list.)


Heather C said...

ROFL!! Tooooooo funny! Silly children. :)

ValleyGirl said...

Haha, very cute! I can imagine the "screeming" mice being hard on mommy's ears after a while though, too!

Sara Carmichael said...

Loved your last line!! Laughed out loud. :)

40winkzzz said...

Funny kids! So you will have to let us know whether it really does keep the mice away.

I clicked on that link, btw. Very interesting post and comments. So much for sneaking in "a few minutes" of reading blogs; now I am behind on my day. :-)

RYC-- Fuzz & I made the leaf picture. She very much wanted to frame some of the leaves we gathered, rather than press them all in wax paper. I found the frame in my frame stash. She arranged the leaves from lightest to darkest and I put a bit of glue on the back of each. So far it's holding up. Thanks for noticing!