Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We have boxes full of Stuart's childhood toys. Matchbox cars and antique trains with hardly a scratch on them. He was such a gentle child.

Not me. All my stuff ended up in the trash. When I was a child, I played with my toys like Toy Story Sid. I gave my dolls haircuts (crew cuts, really) and pierced their ears with straight pins. Poor little darlings. I drew on their vinyl faces with pen. Once I put a plastic handpuppet on a lightbulb, just because. It gave off a lovely smoldering smokey smell as he met his doom.

My children have inherited my destructive gene. They build Barbie catapults out of K'nex and fling Island Barbie off the island. There are dents up near the ceiling of the little girls room that attest to this creativity. We have had Barbie crewcuts and amputations at the knee.

You might think there is only one way to play with a puzzle. Put it together. Take it apart. Put it in the box. Nope. Not if it is a puzzle of the map of the earth. There's the problem of tectonic plates, you know.

I think they've created the apocolypse!


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

LOL - gotta love their creativity...and knowledge of geology!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

The label "Maniac Geniuses" seems hilariously appropriate :)

Love it!

Kim said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing us in Lego form.

I loved puzzles when I was young and it was always devastating to have to take them apart and put them away in the box after all the effort that went into making them.

Great action shot of the puzzle being busted up!


Luke said...

Hmm... that explains your header image... [smile]


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

That was a great shot of the puzzle pieces flying up! Nathan is a Stuart, but Gracie is most definitely a Kate and company!!


ValleyGirl said...

Haha, "Toy Story Sid!" We've got one of those in our house, too.

Anonymous said...

Stuart might have been gentle with his toys, but I remember as a little girl getting shocked by that train after he convinced me, "go ahead, touch it" Ha! Love your posts, Kate!

Sarah said...

So you left that on the lamp! Pat and I sat on the top basement step for a really long time so one of us would confess, but we both vehemently denied doing it. Now we know!