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I'm Still Here

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve sat down with all of you for a visit. December came and went before I could catch my breath. Here’s what I’ve been doing with Stuart and the kids:

…celebrating the birthday of our very first teenager. (I just want to stop time!)
...setting phone limits for said teenager.
…celebrating the first lost tooth of child number four.
…teaching child number five to put on his own pants and underwear. He can do it. Yeah!
...teaching said half-naked child that demonstrating this new found dressing skill for the neighbors is not such a great idea. They might not cheer as vigorously for him as the six of us do.
…going on a beekeeper field trip.
…taking stuff to the Salvation Army and returning home with some great bargains.
…learning to make pasta and hanging it from hangers hung from the ceiling fan above our bed on Christmas Day.
…making coffee ice-cream, and homemade waffles with new Christmas equipment.
…researching the health benefits of kefir, parsley, lemons, apple cider vinegar, dandelions...
…making kefir and encouraging the children to drink it. “Try it. You’re just not used to the taste. In a few days, it won’t be so bad because it will be familiar to you.” (They’re not buying it. "Blech! You're trying to kill us, Mom!")
…traveling to Virginia to visit cousins. This brings our travel time up to sixty hours in the last month.
…stringing popcorn and cranberries and sewing stuffed birds and apples for the Christmas tree.
...chasing the dog out of the house for eating the popcorn off of the tree.
…adding yoga to my workouts. Ouch!
…putting together a thousand piece puzzle of the Wild West.
...discovering the bifocals may be in my near future while putting together said puzzle.
…reading a book on pigeons a few pages at a time and wondering a.) how someone could write a whole book devoted entirely to the humble pigeon and b.)what kind of nerd I must be to enjoy it.
…hanging out with the kids in the living room with a fire in the fireplace and books and lighted candles. Cozy.
…playing hand bells with my husband and children in public. Luckily it was a small audience. It was not pretty!

So yes. I'm still here. I have not abandoned this blog, I'm just trying to figure out how to fit everything in. It's a good place to be.

Happy New Year!


Alana said…
Glad to hear things are going well. Sounds like the month of December was a delight for your family.

Teenager, huh? Yikes!
So very glad you're back, Kate! I've missed you terribly.
Alyson said…
glad you are still around.
Videogal said…
Hey Kate! Glad to see you "around!" I always enjoy your blogs. -Lee
Xandra said…
Oh! I'm so glad you are back! Sounds like you had a busy December. I got a little thrill when I clicked over to your blog and saw a new entry.....

ValleyGirl said…
Happy New Year and it's good to have you back again!!
A TEENAGER!!! oh my. Extra prayers for you. :)

Glad to see you back!

Oh Kate! It is so good to see you. Glad to see the little run down. Know you were missed. May God show you balance of all these things.
Much love,
So glad to hear from you again! Sounds like a very full, but very blessed Christmas season at your house. A book on pigeons, huh? I might have to check that one out! We love to do backyard birding and I love books - perfect combo! Blessings!
YAY you're back! :) Thanks for the update! Does sound like a busy-but fun!-month! LOL at your kids' reaction to kefir; I feel the same way! And oh I do love fireplaces. Enjoy! :)
Kate said…
Sounds like you're enjoying all the thing that have been keeping you busy...good for you.

ps...welcome back.
BTW, I love Eagle of the Ninth! (as well as Black Ships Before Troy.) I read Eagle several years ago, and I can't wait until DS #1 gets through with the Hobbit and books on Greece so we can move on to Rome! SPQR!
lori said…
It's nice to see you back...
we have a TEENAGER now too!
leaves me wondering WHERE has it gone...and causing me to EMBRACE each day even more...they are flying by!!

Happy New Year!!
Christy said…
Glad to see you again! I'm glad you are enjoying your family :)
Jennifer said…
We made and drank kefir over the course of at least a year, maybe longer...
here's a tip... real maple syrup and a little stevia make the medicine go down a lot smoother! :) They still may not love it, but it's MUCH better.

I hate to admit it, but I finally got tired of it, too... I obviously need to work on my long-term commitments here. BUT it was worth the effort - Claire's digestive problems were completely resolved after starting the kefir, and I really do believe everyone benefited from it.

So - go for it! And good for you! Maybe I'll jump back on that bandwagon one of these days...
Kelly said…
I have enjoyed discovering your blog!

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