Saturday, June 16, 2007

We Are Going Under Cover

We got a creepy phone call from a creepy person that we have known for way too long, today. It reminded me that we know a creepy person who might "discover" this blog. (If you type all of our names into Google we come out as the first six sites listed. This kind of scared me as the creepy person knows all seven of our names.)

For this reason, we are going under cover. I thought about just using initials or weird nicknames like Aragorn and the Terminator but that would make story telling less fluid. So we will have aliases. I will be Kate. Oh wait, I am Kate. I will still be Kate. I will be married to Stuart. My children will be John, Lauren, Faith, Claire and that order. The kids had a great time choosing what they would like their names to be. Hope this doesn't throw you for too much of a loop. And yes, this means deleting a portion of the post about our names. This is sad because it is one of my favorites.

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Prairie Rose said...

Undercover seems to be the best route when blogging, for sure... I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing anything if I thought someone I knew but didn't "allow" had stumbled across it, figured out who I was, and was reading everything I wrote... there are creepy people everywhere!!

Thanks for commenting at my blog... I wanted to respond but there's no email on your profile and I didn't figure you'd check back at my blog to see I had responded to your comment in my comments -- so here I am, letting you know that I've replied to your comment on my page. :)

Nice to meet you.