Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cold Spring

There is illness in the house, a hacking cough deep in the chest, a general lethargy. Six of us are inflicted. One is healthy. One has a weird rash. It's nerve wracking but there is some humor mixed in as well. These chuckling scenes played out in quick succession and begged to be recorded in pixels. I broke out the camera to dwell on the joy, minimize the pain.

One coughs and the healthy one cowers. Let's hope he stays healthy, he's on a plane in the morning.

Synchronized coughing on the sofa designated for the plague.
This needs a skull and crossbones.
Sign on a bedroom door. It should really hang on the front door.
And this. Whatever this is. We're going through rolls and rolls of the stuff.
Ah, well. March in the Northeast is made for colds and misery. Who are we to escape unscathed?


Christy said...

You guys moved to the northeast? So did we, although not that far north...Southern Virginia. Last summer rivaled Mississippi for heat and humidity though!

Dustine said...

We've had a sick week too.
I stopped by your blog because I'm looking to read the Vos StoryBible to my four kids and found your blog via searching activity ideas, as I think I'll need some coloring pages or activity for my youngers to do while I read.
Nice to meet you.
have a blessed weekend.