Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Yellow Rain Boots

Charlie snuck out to the forbidden boxes in the garage, the ones holding the off-season clothes, the shoes, and his favorite, the boot box. "Charlie, put those back! You don't need them!"

He lifted his serious chocolate eyes to my stern face, "But I do need them, Mom." And I gave in until he peeled them off his feet and slam dunked them down in the back hall. Then I pounced and returned them righteously to their allotted storage box. We played this sneaking/pouncing game for weeks. Charlie won. The garage is a long way from the shoe shelf in the back hall. Plus, Charlie was right; he did need those boots. Turns out they are an integral part of his vivid imagination.


Charlie as Boromir.


Charlie as Paddington Bear.



Yellow boots are for bunnies too. This is Charlie's newest stuffed animal, Peter. No, not Peter Rabbit. Peter Jackson.
So how 'bout you? Do you have a kid with a vivid imagination and a great prop or two?


ValleyGirl said...

Amazing where a child's mind can take them ~ and the only equipment needed is a pair of boots! My youngest (almost 5) loves to play "Franny's Feet" with all the shoes in the front closet.

Sarah said...

I guess the blue hair would fall into this category! It was great visiting with you today while the kids played outside!

The Small Scribbler said...


The blue hair d id come to mind when I was writing this post.


Amy said...

Hi Kate,
Love the new look of your blog! Your children's pictures are enchanting! This post reminded me of my brother's RED boots. Those boots were an integral part of Peter's life as a child! Those memories brought a smile to my face!
Kiss some cheeks for me!
Love you,

Mama JJ said...

He actually LOOKS like Paddington Bear in that photo.

I like the pictures in your header---John looks downright dashing!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Charlie as Boromir...I LOVE it! Nathan and Gracie just take whatever happens to be lying closest to them and use it for a prop. Legos, sticks, leftover name it, it will be a prop.

Again, I think our kids would be the best of friends in real well as the two of us!


William said...


Aww...such sweet pictures and memories! My youngest has lived in rain boots since he was two and we were building our home, over six years ago...I'm not ready for him to outgrow his love of them! :(

I couldn't figure out how to subscribe to your wonderful blog, so I sent you a FB request instead. :)