Tuesday, March 17, 2009

That I Might Not Sin

"Here, John, take these words, go sit down at the keyboard and see what you can do with them."

We fall short when it comes to scripture memory. The older kids spent a few years competing in Bible Drill...a big event in these parts...but eventually they decided that their accomplishments and trophies were only building up their pride, not their hearts, so we dropped it. And after that we didn't bother to commit anything to heart.

And there is this: I have a battle with my tongue. Sharp, ugly words bubble over at the slightest provocation. Faith has decided to take me on during our prayer times. "Please help Mama not to swear. Please help Mama to use good words." (Nothing like seeing that in black and white!) Something has to be done and since the mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart, we tackle the heart of the problem.


John takes the verse and sits down at the keyboard and whips up a tune to go with the words. His work is beautiful! We gather in his bedroom and he leads us, voice cracking, piano humming, planting good words. Lauren asks for a verse and she steals minutes when she can, matching notes and words, writing notes on blank sheet music. And then Faith tries her hand at this. And Claire (with a little help. It is her song on the chalkboard.)


Now we sing as we work, new words, instructive, joyful words. Even Charlie. And I hope. I hope this is the way, the way to crowd out the weeds of sin by filling our hearts to overflowing with God's Word.


For additional encouragment and other approaches to hiding God's Word in your heart see here (There's a lot!) and here.


Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I can't tell you how many bible verses I have committed to memory by learning songs as a child. I think it's great that you guys are actually making up the melody...how awesome is that!?

I had to laugh at the children calling you out in prayer! Classic! You don't need an accountability partner with prayer warriors like that...and I think that the prayers of my children would be just about the same.


ValleyGirl said...

What a beautiful way to get back into the habit of scripture memory. I've very recently just started again, myself. (the memory part, not so much the composing ~ I'm not that talented!!)

How humbling when our kids notice our weaknesses, call us on it, and offer to pray! But how incredibly moving as well.

The Small Scribbler said...


We don't have a lot of music background here either...just playing marked music for a bell choir (level one and two) and through a level one piano book. The kids would rather experiment with the piano so this fits the way they like to play.

And your right, when my kids start to correct my shortcomings, it makes me take a hard look at the legacy I am leaving them.


ocean mommy said...


This makes me jump up and down!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!

Sara Carmichael said...

I have a hard time picturing you using swear words, but if you say so. :) Thank you for your candidness, though. Very humble.

How we all could use more Scripture memory to abate those sin areas that hide in our hearts. I love the idea of putting a simple tune to them! Hooray, John!

I keep verses tucked away in the drawers of my bathroom so that while I'm getting myself ready for the day, I can look over the verses and work on getting my heart ready too. I also keep a Scripture calendar on the counter. Can't surround ourselves with too much of God's Word, huh?

Christine said...

What a wonderful idea Kate! I love what the kids wrote. I just might borrow this same idea in our home.

jodi said...

I like your idea! I started out this year determined to make scripture memory a priority. I use the kids as an excuse, but it's just as much for me as them! Even though they are too little to know what a lot of it means, I hope to instill the habit, if nothing else at this point.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Thanks for your honesty in this area.

What a great way to do it! Music!

I spent over an hour on that same link the other day, feeling encouraged and convicted all at once.