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Story Hours

I cracked the book open to the halfway mark at the breakfast table and picked up where we left off yesterday afternoon. I intended to read a chapter or two before moving on to our school work. I read one chapter and then two. I read for an hour and then two. I read until my neck was sore, my throat was swollen and scratchy.

Francis Hodgson Burnett spins a story in a way that spurs a reader on. We became Sara’s soulmates, and Becky’s, and Ermengarde’s. We were heartbroken in the sad places and as the words began to wind their way to a triumphant ending, the children burst into delighted cheers. They rolled around on the floor with glee. They squealed and chortled. They jumped up and down on the sofa. “Don’t stop reading, Mama! Read more! Read more!” The oldest two are already old friends of this tale and they were as swept along in the current of the story as the younger ones.

Oh, we love a good book!

If your children are sixish or beyond, run to the library, check out A Little Princess and spend a few evenings reading aloud. I bet somebody will start jumping up and down on the sofa.


Meg said…
Thanks for the suggestion...I will have to get it next time at the library! We LOVE a good book!
Faith said…
I love that book. :)
This is my all time favorite book!!
I may have to make a library run!
We have been working through the Narnia series.
Much love,
Alana said…
Right now my husband is reading the Narnia Series with Richie and I have to confess I've been a little jealous. This looks like a perfect one for me to read to him. Will my 6 (almost 7) year old boy like it??

I've read it to my son twice. Once when he was seven and this time through he's thirteen and he has loved it both times.

Mary@notbefore7 said…
Thanks for the suggestion for the future for us. My oldest is only 5 and we are just getting into "longer" read alouds. We'll try it out next spring ;)
Heather C said…
Hmmm... so ok for boys too? Gonna have to check that out! :) Thanks for the recommend!

Oh, I love days like that! We've done that several times this year: with Leepike Ridge and Swallows and Amazons. We've read The Secret Garden - I'll have to give this one a whirl. thanks for sharing.
Sarah Markley said…
My husband loves to read to our six year old at night. he has read her The secret garden and the little princess too. She loved them! Thanks for he suggestion!
maudie-mae said…
I just found your blog today. I have a couple of books for you to consider: The Ordinary Princess by M M Kaye and Nobody Knew They Were There by Otto Salassi. TOP is a typical princess story with the Queen Crustacea "blessing" the new baby princess with being Ordinary. She's definitely a different kind of Princess. NKTWT has rip-roaring adventure when two pre-teen boys decide to follow some Marines who are on maneuvers for a publicity stunt. It's better for read-aloud because there is one (if I remember right) editable word. I read this aloud to my children on a car trip one summer. They loved it.

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