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Homeschooler of the Week

Today I am at The Heart of the Matter talking about what homeschooling looks like for my family. Stop over for a visit.

Please ignore the fact that the picture accompanying the post is over two years old. It's the last relatively decent picture that we have with all of us together. It's hard to get a photo of seven people with everyone's eyes open! (Now I know you'll head over to visit, if only out of curiosity.)


lori said…
Hey there,
I actually went over there first and thought...HEY, I've seen her before!
HOW fun...Amy just sent me a to hear about how everyone else handles things!! AND I understand about the picture...and we only have 5 to worry about!:)

What a great interview...
I enjoyed it!!
who knows maybe someday you'll see us on there!:)
~have a great one!
Alana said…
Great job, Kate! I really enjoyed reading more about your homeschooling life!
Amy said…
Thank you for participating. I love doing these interviews and learning more about each other.

And the are beautiful. Your whole family is beautiful.
Oh, Kate. How I hate you are in Smallville now and not near me. I needed your words. I am feeling my way out in this homeschool world. I am in faith believing for the things that God has done in your life with your children. I am learning to relax. Thanks for all the reminders. You are such a blessing to me. I am praising God for you and lifting prayers all at the same time.
Love you!

Thanks for these encouraging words. You'll be amazed at where you and your girls are ten years from now. And I still wish we were close by too.

Mary@notbefore7 said…

While mine are still young and we are in the process of "figuring this homeschool thing out", I enjoyed reading about your experience. It sounds much like the type of environment we would like to create.

We are resisting the push around here to have our kids "at everything" and totally "activitied out". We love the time homeschooling will provide to work on character issues and further explore the desires and plans God has for each individual in this house!
ValleyGirl said…
I was really happy to see that post was a Q&A kind of deal. I don't know that I ever will homeschool, but I've been thinking about it more and more lately and you touched on a lot of my concerns and questions. Thanks! (for doing such a great job of answering those questions and for letting us know about the post in the first place!)
Valley Girl,

Be sure to spend some time reading other interviews at The Heart of the Matter. I have been so impressed by the wisdom of these homeschooliing moms.

Anonymous said…
This was very encouraging to me, Kate... I particularly appreciated the reminder that these kids of mine will not be finished products when they leave. Sometimes I have to take a deep breath and REMEMBER that.
I also appreciated your honesty about the self-doubts that can creep in. I, too, have those same thoughts from time to time, and again, this was a good reminder to me to stay focused on what is important. The world around me has a very loud voice!

Thanks for sharing.
This was a GREAT article!

We all need to remember that our children aren't a finished product when they leave our home!! I love that statement.

I echo Angela, I sure wish we were closer!!

Heather C said…
Wonderful interview, Kate! I enjoyed learning more about life at your house. :)


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