Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Impressions

The Colors are here to install a fence around our pool. There are four...grey, black, orange and orange.

Grey has soot covered skin, a mop of dusty curls, dirt streaked clothes and light grey eyes. When he lights up a cigarette...which is often...he vanishes into a cloud of smoke. The kids call him Torchiere Man because he operates the welding torch. He appears to be a hard worker and skilled with dangerous power tools.

Black is in charge. He has black hair with grey at the temples, black eyes and a black mustache. He appears to have leadership qualities. He appears to be competent, conscientious and patient.

Orange and Orange are teen brothers. They could be twins. One an inch taller than the other. Both are stocky and muscular. They have bright orange hair and an orange complexion. They take turns working, drinking gatorade, sitting, spitting, yawning, and leaning. Occasionally they carry something heavy. Combined, they appear do the work of one man...maybe that's a stretch.

I can say that the fence is beautiful and sturdy for it is a tangible thing. I can say nothing more about The Colors because I do not know more. They have not revealed much of their characters, of what drives them, of their aspirations, of their triumphs and hurts as they measure and carry and and operate power tools. These things are hidden to a stranger though God sees into the heart of each one.

It's a comforting thought. God knows our ways...our thoughts...our habits. It's a scary thought, too. God knows our ways...our thoughts...our habits. Nothing is hidden from Him. Good or bad.

Jesus made an impression on everyone he met when he walked on this earth. They all misread him...including his own family. The only One who could see the big picture of what Jesus was up to was God. The same holds true for you and me. Everyone will come to inaccurate conclusions about us...including ourselves. The only One who sees our big picture is God. Freedom comes when we understand that His is the only opinion that matters.

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